Over the years we have always chosen charities with veteran affiliations.  We have donated to many different veteran charities and the one that we are now focused on helping is RecFX Foundation.  Matt Augee, founder, has dedicated his life to this wonderful organization who directly helps veterans and first responders in need.  The following is their slogan and story…

Supporting Our U.S. Military, Veterans & 1st Responders & their Families/ Teens on the Battlefields at Home.

We are an non-profit 501(c)3 organization that joins our U.S. Military, Veterans, 1st Responders, their families and Dependent Teenage heroes, in crisis from service, on the frontline battlefields at home. We recognize that not all battles are fought on the war front, but many are emotional and internal battles that are fought daily at home and in relationships. Military and 1st Responder men and women, along with their families, know this truth deeply and are affected by it every day. Our mission is to come along side our services members, their immediate families and especially their teen children (12-18 years old) to support, encourage and resource them, giving them opportunities to process and rest from all their stresses and responsibilities. We have many camps, programs, counseling, education and benevolent / charity services that we offer. We believe every hero needs a BIG fan base!

Just one of the great families that RecFX has helped!

Please help us support this amazing company in all that they do!