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  • Lost+Found is so well-presented and gave me lots of designing ideas, too! I felt so welcomed and comfortable, I didn't want to leave. Definitely on on my list to visit frequently!
    Linda C
    Aug 20 2013, 4:43 (PM)
  • Wow...I've never seen a resale store like this one! There are some beautiful pieces of furniture, along with some very unique accessories. The ambiance alone makes you want to shop....and buy!
    Angie J.
    Jul 03 2013, 4:17 (PM)
  • Consignment Furniture shopping in Scottsdale has just gotten even more exciting! 5 Stars !!!
    Stevie Steve
    Apr 13 2013, 7:54 (AM)
  • The Lost + Found Interiors is a great place to find one of a kind home interiors. Jill, the owner, has a great eye and puts the items together in a way that you could really imagine them in your home. I love a the unique pieces and eclectic...
    Jennifer M.
    Feb 01 2013, 8:29 (PM)
  • OMG! You have GOT to shop here! This is resale at it's best! The store is beautiful, with uniquely displayed furniture & accessories in a huge area! You can spend a wonderful hour looking for that perfect piece to bring home. The nice thing...
    Terri P.
    Feb 01 2013, 8:15 (PM)
  • Artfully arranged furniture and "finds" of all kinds. If you see something you like, better buy it, as things in this wonderful store sell quickly.
    Betteanne Rutten
    Jan 18 2013, 1:22 (PM)
  • Stopped by your store this weekend and will definitely make you one of my regular stops. Loved the layout with the different room setups and all the decorative treasures!
    Jan 06 2013, 2:37 (PM)
  • Really love this store!!! The furniture and accessories are beautifully presented, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Two thumbs up!
    Natasha Brown
    Jan 06 2013, 2:30 (PM)
  • L & F is a gem! I have found items to decorate my home from ceiling to floor and at reasonable prices. The layout of the store itself has given me some delightful decorating ideas. I am definitely a repeat customer. Not only because the owner...
    Rebecca Brown
    Dec 11 2012, 8:07 (PM)
  • I love Lost and Found it's my favorite Consignment Store!!
    Nov 27 2012, 8:00 (PM)

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Unclutter your home, Unclutter your mind!


Have you ever noticed when you come home to a messy house, especially a messy kitchen, you feel scattered?  Your mind can’t relax when it has to focus on so many different things.  Dirty dishes in the sink (if you’re lucky), miscellaneous items on the kitchen counter, shoes and socks everywhere, piles of clean laundry (or if you were lucky enough to lay it out flat, then nicely laid out laundry around the house!).    Whenever I feel like this, I need to clean first- then organize! 

I suggest taking things off your counters.  Appliances that you don’t use on a daily basis belong in cabinets, not on counters.  You can leave the coffee pot and the toaster oven out, of course, but put the other items away where they are easy to grab and use.  Next, invest in a few decorative boxes to place on the counters.  Place one box by the phone with pens and notepads, another one for bills and papers from work or school, and a small one for keys, etc.  There is a lot going on in that kitchen, so remember “less is more”.

As for the shoes, a basket at the garage entrance or by the stairway is perfect to keep those shoes from getting scattered. 

Lastly, do you over-accessorize?  Walk around your house and try to gather three items that you don’t love. Maybe those items are just out on a table because you have them, not because you like them? Pack them away for a week or so and see if you miss them… If it worked, grab three more.

The goal is to let your mind relax.  You want the feeling you have when you walk into your house right after it has been completely cleaned.  There is a sense of peace we are all seeking… Why not start with the things can control? Your own environment.   

Happy Organizing!!

Jill :)

Tour de Retail

Lost and Found Particpates in the 1st Annual Tour de Retail

The new Lost and Found Resale Interiors participated in a tour of five area consignment/resale/specialty stores in the Kierland, North Scottsdale area. There was plenty of food & wine, and more importantly, a portion of each sale went directly to The Wounded Warriors Project!

Don't worry. We will let you know in advance before the next one!

1st Annual Tour de Retail

Tips for Selling Through Consignment

This article was orginally posted on BBB.com

consignment copyIf you have unwanted possessions and simply don’t have the time or know-how to sell or auction them on your own, a reputable consignment business might be just what you need. The consignment operation will handle the marketing and sale of your merchandise, and hopefully you will make some money in the process.

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SEED SPOT: The Documentary by Anna F. Miller

SEED SPOT is an entrepreneurial incubator that helps early stage socially conscious ventures take root in Phoenix, Arizona.

SEED SPOT: The Documentary is a film project by Anna F. Miller about an innovative nonprofit opening up in Phoenix, AZ in the fall of 2012. Arizona has a reputation for being a great place for startups, but SEED SPOT is the first of its kind. SEED SPOT is an entrepreneurial incubator that helps early stage social entrepreneurs succeed and stay in Phoenix. Specifically, SEED SPOT supports entrepreneurs that possess an idea to improve the lives of people or communities on a local, national, or global scale.

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